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For 18 years, Thinkun has helped to grow Australian businesses.

We’ve said “yes” to myriad digital marketing projects that came our way, from building websites and PPC campaigns right through to delivering emails. Along the way, we realised that the biggest impact was delivered when we worked with clients consistently over time, rather than in project-based bursts. A more consistent and strategic approach delivered real digital transformation to their business and marketing practices, and faster results. This led to the introduction of Impact Points®.


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Impact Points®

Achieve your marketing objectives with Impact Points®

Whether they’re ours or yours, there’s no point to hours spent unless they make a measurable positive impact on your business. That’s why we invented Impact Points. You receive a number of Impact Points each month, and we utilise them to help achieve your marketing objectives. We plan for a year, and our clients commit to a minimum of three months of working with Thinkun.

Every business is different, and so is the strategic application of Impact Points® for digital marketing

Impact Point distribution is tracked monthly and adjusted quarterly. Strategy comes first, then execution, followed by ongoing tracking, live dashboard reviewing, to-the-point reporting and constant learning and improvement.

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Digital marketing services

Impact Points are versatile. They always start with strategy and then help execute on it. We devise the perfect mix of our services in deep collaboration with each new client. A plan is chosen that their budget allows and vision demands.


Nothing lives in a vacuum, certainly not your business. As soon as we’ve been appointed, we get to work, learning about your industry, your company and your customers. First, we collect and absorb any data and research you’re holding. We then use a variety of tools and methods to gather intel about the current market and your competitors. There’s nothing like starting with a solid list of opportunities and challenges.

We’re firm believers that the best results can only come from a solid plan. Whether it’s content, email or PPC, we look at what you and your competitors are doing, and how we can do better in the short, medium and longer-term. This allows for some quick wins on our way to achieving best practice and finally, category leadership in your space. It all comes together in a twelve-month points plan that’s reviewed and improved quarterly.

Once our top-level strategy is agreed upon, we allocate Impact Points across individual tasks for the entire first quarter. This detailed points plan is broken into the usual activities that keep your business ticking along, as well as the larger, transformative tasks that are designed to be game-changers.

Great data is the fuel of a great plan, as well as the many tweaks to the plan that must inevitably be made along the way. We pride ourselves on being able to gather data from multiple sources, and then present it in a way that brings the numbers to life. It’s this correlation and visualisation of the ‘what’ that gets you to the ‘so what’ and the ‘now what’ like never before.


Looks and intelligence are a rare combination, but in websites and apps, it’s an absolute must. Using the most relevant technology and latest techniques, Thinkun starts with utility and user experience as the foundation of everything we build. Layered on top is fresh and appealing design, making all our apps and websites a pleasure to engage with.

A high bounce rate and low time on site are the death knell for any website. Good user experience is the gateway to a great brand experience, so Thinkun uses a suite of tools and user behaviour observation to pinpoint a website’s usability issues, bottlenecks and drop-off points. We then develop a priority-based plan of attack, mapping out a balance of the best and quickest fixes to get your customers humming through your site.

WordPress commands a ridiculously huge market share when it comes to content managed websites. Approximately 70% of CMS driven websites run on WordPress. It had humble beginnings as a blogging software, but man has it evolved! We’ve built many, many websites with WordPress and collected a swag of awards for doing so. Being open source, the core code for the system doesn’t need to be paid for, and there are many low-cost ways of getting a new site up quickly.

Great data is the fuel of a great plan, as well as the many tweaks to the plan that must inevitably be made along the way. We pride ourselves on being able to gather data from multiple sources, and then present it in a way that brings the numbers to life. It’s this correlation and visualisation of the ‘what’ that gets you to the ‘so what’ and the ‘now what’ like never before.


To attract the attention of people who are the right demographic fit for your product or service, Facebook can be hard to beat. We’ve been developing thumb-stopping campaigns since the early days of Facebook PPC, so we know what ads work, as well as how to get them in front of the eyeballs of your best prospects. We can guide you through the complexities of Facebook retargeting campaigns, and building audiences via matching and lookalikes.

Since over 70% of customers start their product research via a search engine, it’s plain good sense to try and get found when they do so. Using Google PPC, Thinkun can get you to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) with the right ads featuring the right keywords. We can also help you get your brand in front of a highly targeted audience via Google’s Display Partner network.

When you’re not making the sale right then and there on your website, capturing leads is often the primary digital marketing objective. Lead-capture campaigns can be executed in a variety of channels, and Thinkun can give you expert guidance on what to offer, what data to collect, and how the customer journey should be designed to yield the best result.

Essential to every targeted sales or lead generation campaign is a great landing page. Pithy, well laid out, and providing a good match with your ad copy and customer intent, a landing page’s primary goal is to remove all doubt. Thinkun has years of experience creating landing pages that load quickly, nail the right messages and get that form filled or that sale made, lickety split.

Analytics & Reporting

Our weekly reports are a bird’s eye view of live campaigns, SEO progress and marketing automation. Quite the opposite of drowning in data – it’s a high-level snapshot that keeps everything on track and quickly draws attention to any anomalies.

Each month, we write up a detailed report covering all aspects of digital and content marketing based on agreed strategy and points utilised. It contains the details of work executed, results achieved and lessons learned. This is usually discussed in a virtual meeting with screen sharing facilities, so that we can draw your attention to the most important parts (without boring your socks off).

Quarterly review meetings are an opportunity to go over detailed results and learnings in a face-to-face setting. We get together with all client and agency stakeholders and discuss activity from the last three months, assessing outcomes, achievements and reviewing what could be improved. The points originally allocated for the next quarter are tweaked in accordance with our findings, so we can apply our efforts to the most deserving areas.

In this comprehensive review, the whole year is assessed, and an objective analysis of the original strategy against the actual outcomes is made. In addition to our return on investment, we take a look at the digital infrastructure created as well as how we’re tracking in terms of category leadership. Our overall strategy is then refined or redefined for the following 12 months and a new points plan is devised.

SEO, Email & Content Marketing

Climbing to the top of the SERPs can be a long and arduous trek, and the claim you stake on page one will need to be monitored and defended forever. Intimate knowledge of search engine optimisation and the latest tools, tips and tricks are part of the Thinkun arsenal.

Inbound marketing is the force behind modern SEO. By developing an understanding of what your clients are looking for, and crafting high-quality content that helps them, you give them value from the get-go. Building positive relationships with potential buyers without being pushy or too salesy is the secret to them WANTING to do business with your company.

Despite being the biggest, most ubiquitous communication medium over the internet, email remains underutilised or misunderstood by most businesses. Automation, context, personalisation and relevance are the secret sauce ingredients of great email marketing, delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time (and avoiding the delete key).

Video, animation and the trusty infographic are essential parts of the content mix. Perfect for people with short attention spans (or a dislike of reading), these content formats cut through the clutter and grab attention. At Thinkun, we’re particularly good at producing video and animation that’s cost effective without looking like you made it yourself, using your feet.

Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

If you’re a B2B business or you sell a high-value B2C product where every single lead matters, HubSpot should be on your radar. We’re big fans, and it’s not just because we’re a certified HubSpot agency partner. Whether or not you’ve already dipped a toe into Hubspot, we can help you understand the applications and benefits of one or all of their great marketing, sales and service enablement products. HubSpot is to B2B marketing what Photoshop is to design. Just getting the tool won’t get you far, but added to a Thinkun retainer, it’s dynamite!

If your business relies on lead generation and doesn’t currently use a structured lead database or a customer relationship management system, it’s hard to pass on the free-to-use HubSpot CRM. It can be hooked up to all your lead sources and provide a single view of each potential customer. Beware, CRM is the gateway drug to the extremely powerful Marketing and Sales Hubs.

HubSpot Marketing Hub is an extremely powerful marketing automation, management and reporting system that simplifies tracking your ROI, and provides much needed structure to inbound marketing. When activated as an option within Thinkun’s retainer service, it helps us augment our content marketing practice and convert even more site visitors with tools like smart landing pages, automation, analytics, chatbots and more.

The HubSpot Sales Hub provides time-saving tools that help you get deeper insights into your prospects, automate the tasks you hate, and close more deals faster. You can get notified the moment a lead opens your email, track interactions automatically, and organise all your sales relationships and activities in one place.

Social Media Marketing

These days, every business with a social presence knows that social media is the default place for complaints, compliments, questions and everything in between. We can build your team’s core competency in community management, with documented policies and processes to establish and maintain category leadership.

For your social media profiles to have a measurable impact on your business, they need content that’s relevant, sharable and entertaining or useful to your audience. Most of all, social content should provide a regular stream of traffic to your brand’s website. This helps move the SEO needle, and most importantly, it feeds the top of your conversion funnel.

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Value and transparency

Our clients range from startups all the way through to large enterprises. Their products and services are as diverse as their target audiences. But they have one thing in common – Impact Points – which deliver real results and great value. 10% of all points are utilised for strategy, 10% for technology, and 80% for execution. Economies of scale at higher point levels allow us to share the savings with our clients. Request a sample points plan to see what we can achieve for you within your budget.





Develop 1
36 Impact points

Plan currently unavailable

One key service for a startup, such as content creation or SEO management.

Develop 2
54 Impact points

Plan currently unavailable

One to two key services for a startup, such as creative development and campaign management.

Develop 3
84 Impact points

$7,400 per month
$88/Impact Point

A subset of relevant services for a small business.

120 Impact points

$10,200 per month
$85/Impact Point

Full range of services for a small business at regular pace.

180 Impact points

$15,000 per month
$83/Impact Point

Fast-paced service for a fast-growing small business.

240 Impact points

$19,500 per month
$81/Impact Point

Selected services for a division of a medium-large business.

Flourish 1
318 Impact points

$25,000 per month
$79/Impact Point

Growth for a successful e-commerce business.

Flourish 2
450 Impact points

$35,000 per month
$78/Impact Point

Sophisticated full-service digital marketing for a medium business.

Flourish 3
>500 Impact points

Fees Variable
$75/Impact Point

Expand to new markets.

Impact Points plans are subject to change. Fees exclude GST and media/click spend.

Thinkun - The full service digital marketing agency

Why full service?

Digital marketing works best when strategy precedes execution.

Many businesses (especially small ones) can’t resist ‘turning tricks’ and jumping straight into execution with multiple specialists to try and get the rubber on the road.

Unfortunately, this approach often fails on two fronts.

Firstly, starting without strategy means that multiple streams of work often don’t converge to deliver a great brand experience, progress toward a defined set of business goals, and good marketing infrastructure.

Second, dealing with multiple suppliers takes time and effort in every area from briefing and agency liaison right through to managing finances.

Date us before you marry us

If you’ve been playing the field for a while, the thought of jumping into a full-blown relationship might feel a bit like scary reality TV. We understand. This is why we’d like to invite you to have a bit of a fling.

For $1,800, we’ll get to know you better, with a high-level review of your digital presence and two of your competitors. We’ll also conduct an SEO review on your website, assess your online sales funnel, your content and your social channels, and give you a written report on our findings. There’s no strings attached. If you’re not impressed, it’s ok to lose our number.

18 years of collaboration

Remember the dot com boom? Here are some of the businesses we’ve had the pleasure of working with, going right back to the early days of internet marketing.

“We engaged Thinkun on a single project several years back, and on the strength of a great experience, we took up an Impact Points plan. Doing so has extended our marketing capacity significantly, generated a heap of learnings, and doubled our online sales. We absolutely love working with Thinkun and couldn’t be happier to recommend them as your new digital marketing agency.”

Elie Azzi
Co-Founder and Creative Director

“Five years ago, Thinkun took our business from bricks and mortar to eCommerce. In geographic terms, we’ve gone from local retailer to a niche brand with loyal customers all over the world. As well as helping us to expand our business, Thinkun has been our digital marketing mentor, expanding our knowledge, and encouraging us to try new things. They’re a fantastic team to work with!”

Sharon Hanley


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T: +61 2 8090 8871

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For us, the best part of being a digital marketing agency is helping businesses realise their full potential. If you have the ambition, Thinkun has the expertise to match.

Get in touch. We want to hear about your plans.